Business Services

Onsite Electronics Recycling can manage the outdated and unwanted electronics from your business. We provide the following to our business customers:

  • Packaging – Our technicians will palletize and shrinkwrap your electronics for shipment
  • Transportation – We will send a trained driver to load and transport your material
  • Weight Tickets – As a certified weighmaster, generic we will provide certified weights of all material we accept
  • Certificates of Recycling – Clients can be provided a certificate of recycling upon dismantling, assuring you the safe and environmentally sound recycling of your discards
  • Oustanding Customer Services – Meet the specific needs of each client. Prompt pickup and paperwork
  • Financial Assurance – $2M in liability insurance and can provide certificate copies to our customers


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Why Use an E-Steward?

The Basel Action Network, a non-profit organization qualifies responsible electronics recyclers as E-Stewards.

Certified companies meet the most rigourous standards of environmentall and social responsibility and their processes have been verified by BAN.

These standards prevent the export of electronics to developing countries, which have seen significant environmental and human damage due to this practice.

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ISO 14001 Certified SystemOHSAS 18001