Recycling Process

At Onsite Electronics Recycling, our process is to recycle non-functional electronics and repair, re-use or refurbish functional electronics. When materials cannot be refurbished, we provide for the complete recycling of all end-of-life material collected. We do not ship any whole units overseas or out of State for recycling. This provides our customers with the security that their materials are being managed in an environmentally safe manner and they are not contributing to environmental harm in developing Countries.

Refurbishing is the most sustainable practice because it maximizes the value of functional electronics and prevents useful materials from entering the waste stream. To ensure that all data is safe and secure, we wipe data from all incoming hard drives and use clean hard drives in refurbished items. Refurbishing extends the lifespan of electronics to get the most out of used items. The refurbishing program helps the local community because we donate refurbished items to local organizations.

All electronic products collected are dismantled by Onsite technicians. All components are sorted by type, and boxed or baled for shipment to an end user. The following describes the outlets for all materials generated in the recycling process:

  • Cathode Ray Tubes >> New Cathode Ray Tube Monitors
  • Ferrous metals >> Steel Mill
  • Non-Ferrous metals >> Smelter
  • Circuit Boards >> Smelter
  • Plastics >> Recycled
  • Batteries >> Recycled
  • Mercury Switches >> Recycled
  • Wood >> Recycled
Information on the specific recycling outlets is available on request.