Full Service Electronics Waste Recycling

Recycle with Onsite!

Onsite Electronics Recycling, LLC, is a full service electronics waste recycling firm, providing responsible, environmentally sound recycling of all electronics material. Onsite understands the current and developing standards of handling Electronics and Universal Wastes. Our Stockton, California facility services municipalities, solid waste facilities, residents and businesses throughout California.

Onsite Electronics Recycling pledges to provide:

  • Secure and safe destruction of e-waste - We properly dismantle and recycle all materials.
  • Disclosure of end use recycling outlets - We are open and honest about where we send our material.
  • Certification of Destruction - We provide detailed information about the destruction of your material.
  • Regulatory Compliance - We operate in full compliance with all applicable regulations.
  • Local jobs - We provide fair paying jobs with benefits to local residents.


Onsite Electronics Recycling received the Outstanding E-Waste Program Award from the C.R.R.A. at the 34th Annual California Resource Recovery Association awards ceremony on August 10th, 2010.

Onsite Electronics Recycling received a "Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition" and "2010 P3 Stewardship Award" from the Stockton, CA Chamber of Commerce. The award recognizes our environmental Policies, Practices & Purchasing.

Onsite Electronics Recycling received Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP) certificates from California Integrated Waste Management Board for 2008, 2009 & 2010.

Why use an E-Steward?

  • The Basel Action Network, a non-profit organization qualifies responsible electronics recyclers as E-Stewards.
  • Certified companies meet the most rigurous standards of environmental and social responsibility and their processes have been verified by BAN.
  • These standards prevent the export of electronics to developing countries, which have seen significant environmental and human damage due to this practice.
  • Visit www.estewards.org for more information.