Municipal and Solid Waste

Onsite Electronics Recycling specializes in working with municipalities and Solid Waste Firms to manage unwanted electronics from residents and businesses. Onsite understands the burden managing electronics at Solid Waste and Household Hazardous Waste Facilities and works with our clients to design a collection program that minimizes the cost and labor burden to the municipality.

Onsite’s services include the following:

  • Transportation – Onsite will provide containers for packaging (pallets and wire cages, click or roll-off containers) for your personnel to package your e-waste. Onsite will provide transportation on an as needed or pre-arranged fixed schedule. All drivers provided will be trained in the hazards associated with Universal Waste and will provide assistance in loading the trailer
  • Packaging – Onsite can provide personnel to package your e-waste for you. Our technicians will bring all necessary packaging material and palletize and shrinkwrap your e-waste. Our personnel will provide for the loading of all material on to the transportation vehicle
  • E-waste Events – Onsite will conduct e-waste events for residents and businesses. Onsite takes full responsibility for the planning and operation of the event including securing a location, viagra buy advertising, setting up, collecting and clean-up
  • Bulky Waste Cleanups – Onsite can work with solid waste companies or municipalities to conduct bulky waste cleanups, either door-to-door or at a drop off location. Onsite can provide personnel and trucks to collect from residents homes, or to collect at a bulky waste cleanup event
  • Onsite Recycling Services – When volumes warrant, Onsite can provide collection and recycling services at your solid waste facility. Onsite permits your site as a recycling facility, provides all equipment including a tent to work in, and provides full-time staff to collect and recycle your electronics. This full-service option guarantees your electronics are completely recycled prior to any material leaving your site.

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Why Use an E-Steward?

The Basel Action Network, a non-profit organization qualifies responsible electronics recyclers as E-Stewards.

Certified companies meet the most rigourous standards of environmentall and social responsibility and their processes have been verified by BAN.

These standards prevent the export of electronics to developing countries, which have seen significant environmental and human damage due to this practice.

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